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Over 90 percent of all family law cases settle without going to trial, but not all settlements are good settlements. Some result from exhaustion, fear, or simply caving-in. That’s always a mistake. The beauty of mediation is that you can achieve a better, well-considered, longer lasting agreement that works best for you and your children--and one far less likely to involve post-decree disagreements and expensive hearings.

If done correctly and with a skilled mediator, mediation is faster, cheaper, less stressful, and yields better results for you.  In short, it consistently keeps more assets and income in the pockets of both parties.

Dave mediates and arbitrates family law cases for people who already have lawyers.

Why Mediation?

Well, the short answer is courts are heavily congested, more so since the pandemic, and you may be court-ordered to mediate to reduce the backlog of cases.

But the better answer is:

Mediation vs. Arbitration Frequently Asked Questions

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