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Dave began his legal career as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Yakima County in 1977 and has been in private practice since 1978.  His practice has focused exclusively on matrimonial and family law since 1985.
In January 2021, Dave transitioned from full-time litigation to mediating and arbitrating family law cases.
As a litigator, Dave was an aggressive advocate on behalf of his clients and personally tried hundreds of cases involving all aspects of family law, including complex business and asset valuation, property and debt division, custody, parenting plans, child relocation, third party custody, maintenance (alimony), and child support. 
He is a strong believer in the benefits of mediation and arbitration and has mediated a high volume of cases.  He knows that--if done correctly and with a skilled mediator--mediation is faster, cheaper, less stressful, and yields better results for you.  In short, it consistently keeps more assets and income in the pockets of both parties.


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